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About Us

Welcome to our corner of the internet. We are happy to see your taking the time to read what we’re sharing online. This is a place of serious humour. We believe in telling you things that are important, but while we are sermonizing about life, we also think we need to be funny. We really want that our lives be serious and intense, but, life is hilarious. It’s not as serious as some movies portray it.

I mean, there you are trying to get to work, and it is at exactly that time that your 3-year-old decides that he wants to throw a king-sized tantrum because the breakfast cereal you bought for a steal at Costco is not the exact shape and dimension of the cereal he usually eats and everything will fall apart if he doesn’t get what he wants. Do you rush to work and ignore the little pest or handle it?

How to deal with all that, and also keep your sanity while also being a responsible citizen is pretty much what we’re about.

This is a site for life, laughs and a lot of simple life hacks and faith. A lot of faith. When everything else is life is falling apart, whether you want to laugh or not, you’ll want to pray. This is where you can come to do that. Come here to meditate, come here to get away from your hyper toddler who is making you question your choices, come here to think about the horrible things you said or did today that made you wonder if you’re a good person or not.
Don’t worry, we’ll also elicit a lot of laughs. That’s our jam!



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